The goal of the Gayle Lyn Kliever Student Fund is to raise and distribute scholarships directly to worthy Tanzanian students. Scholarship help will be given to those students with ability, motivation and potential. Recipients may be of any age. Priority is given to those with little or no family presence. The fund will also support worthwhile educational projects in Tanzania.


Ines, a scholarship candidate we plan to support beginning in 2014, lost her father last year in a traffic accident last year. Her mother, Theonestina, works hard at a local kiosk selling shoes, bed-sheets, etc. to support both Ines and her brother Fred. Her monthly income of approximately $33 is not enough for most family expenses, and certainly not for the primary school education that Ines deserves.

We are currently raising funds so that Ines’s primary school education is assured. We are happy that she can live at home and walk to school. This saves a lot of money and makes her primary school education at $650 per year a real bargain.



Eliud is a 24 year old orphan who recently lost his mother. He is now responsible for his four siblings (two in primary school) and for protecting the small plot left to them by his mother. Eliud works at Four Way Internet and Stationary shop in Bukoba. He has begun his accounting education at Tanzania Institute of Accountancy in Mwanza and wants to complete a two year course 2013/14 and 2014/15. The total cost is approximately $4000, but we have been able to reduce this by the generosity of one of his professors who supports Eliud’s efforts and abilities. This professor will provide an evening meal each day. For approximately $900 per year over two years, we can support Eliud through a program that will allow him to support himself and his siblings.



Agnetha Method studies electrical installation at Kashasha Vocational Training College. Although her parents died when she was young, she was fortunate to have the opportunity to complete Form 4 of secondary school and therefore has the educational background for her demanding course of study. Agnetha is highly motivated and grateful for this chance. She is also representative of a group of young women who find themselves vulnerable to poverty and early marriage unless they can gain a profession. Agnetha enjoys her studies and is exceling in her vocational training. She is completing year two of her studies. We would like to sponsor her third year with a payment of $900 for her schooling and tools.

There are many other students who can be helped with a scholarship. The needs change daily. Your inquiries are appreciated.

Thanks for caring!

Finding and Assisting Worthy Students In Need

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